Feeling of apprehension

This has been looming… just that it did not materialize… YET

But now it seems like 99% it is confirmed and going to materialize… and hence the strong feeling of apprehension…

Daddy will be going off for a full 6 months… It is a good career move. Daddy should go.

Actually, he can either go for either 6 months or 2 years. If he goes for 6 months, then the family will need to stay behind. If he goes for 2 years, then the whole family can go. So… 6 months or 2 years?

It has sort of been decided that it will be 6 months. Why? It is more practical. There is no need to uproot the whole family. We would not know how the family will adapt to the whole new environment. And if we cannot adapt, we would need to live with it for 2 whole years. There is no turning back. Also, there will be so much more things to arrange here. Who to take care of the house? Who to take care of Dewey, our furkid? Do we sell off our cars? What will happen to my online business? Do I put it on hold for 2 years?

On the other hand, if we do not grab this chance now to spend some time living overseas, will we have another chance in the future? We only got one life… so should we not live it to the fullest? Being together as a family, we could be strong for each other and face challenges together? I really want to try and experience what is life like overseas… Is grass really greener over there? Or is it all just an illusion?

Besides that, I am scared… to be “alone” for 6 months… I know, when crunch time is up, I will be able to face it… I am strong enough to do that… Just that, it is going to be difficult for me. But if it is going to be difficult for me, it is going to be even more difficult for daddy. I should be strong to support him, and not being difficult.. but it’s hard…

I just pray and hope that I have the strength and courage to face whatever that will come… soon…

And now that I have blogged about it, I feel better. Still apprehensive, still scared… but better.


2 Responses to “Feeling of apprehension”

  1. brad pitt Says:

    pesta blogging ke ? dont fret lah…

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